Jason Turnbull Web Developer

A creative problem solver with experience spanning across a wide range of web based applications.

Inspired by large scale projects that require pixel perfect development combined with tight knit teams that will have a few laughs to lighten up the day.

currently working at Technocrat




  • 2013-Now:
    • Working at Technocrat as a Senior Web Developer, high calibre team, fun clients and big projects. What more could you want?
    • Still specialising in Front End Development because I love pretty pictures.
    • Building my own AngularJS and Node apps in my spare time.
  • 2011-2013:
    • Worked for Peregrine Adventures and a startup called SpotJobs, specialising in Front End Development. Included HTML, CSS, Javascript and backend development work in Drupal and .Net MVC Razor.
    • Completed the 100km OxFam Trailwalker with co-workers.
    • Attended Drupal Downunder Melbourne with my fellow nerds.
  • 2008-2011:
    • Developed a range of business websites under a partnered company. Be your own boss and all that...
    • Purchased a block of land in the under developed burbs.
    • Made and lost more money than Gordon Gecko in the Global Financial Crisis.

life balance.

For Health

  • Running • Martial Arts
  • Basketball

With family

  • Dining • Movies
  • Travel

With friends

  • Motorbikes
  • Outings • Fitness

By myself

  • Investing • Reading
  • Creating



For Performance

  • Designing • Coding
  • Reviewing • Testing

For Planning

  • Research • Meetings
  • Project Architecture

For education

  • Tutorial Creation
  • SEO • Writing

For Improving

  • Community Involvement
  • Library Creation
  • Experimenting